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Update from the Chairman of the Trust

As will now be known by everyone who has an interest in the Community Centre, the current Parish Council voted to take over the running of the Centre after an exercise in mis-consultation using a starkly biased questionnare and basing their decision on its fallacious result. Our survey below shows the real position of Hellesdon residents who want the Centre to remain within the control of the current managers, the HCC Charity Trust.

The Parish Council has never met the Trust at any point in the last 2 years despite frequent requests to do so and the setting up of a liaison group called the 'Premises Committee' that is embodied in our constitution for this purpose. They did not attend its first meeting or respond to any request for representation.

We are still unaware of any arrangements they have for the take-over, or had any discussion, as promised, on the transfer of control, something that necessity or at least common courtesy require.

We have heard from people who attended a small meeting, on their plans for the Centre building, in the Parish Rooms, that they only guarantee bookings and current fee prices for the first 6 months from January 1st. Also no news on how they intend to replace furniture and equipment that the charity owns and will be needed for new ventures by the Trust. There are also other substantial financial implications for the Parish Council that they will need to consider before taking over.

Latest News

The results of our survey requested by the last Open Meeting of the Trust. Papers are still coming in but the details and results so far, verified by David Southgate our scrutineer, are shown below. They make it clear that 95% of those who responded wish the Trust to continue to run the Hellesdon Community Centre. This does not affect the decision made by the Parish Council but indicates how deeply biased their questionnaire on the future of the Centre was. There are still some 30 completed surveys to be collected but as things stand:

Extracts from the Trust's presentation on its Development Plan.

Other items included a 5 day Café at the centre and an improved reception area and general decor.

  1. The Trust is a non-profit-making charitable business that puts all of its income into the running of the Centre, equipment purchasing and maintenance of the building;
  2. The Trust owns all of the furniture and fittings of the Centre as part of its assets and pays for all the associated maintenance;
  3. All the Trustees are voluntary, unpaid and do not claim any expenses.

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The HCC™ Charitable Trust announces its new Development and Business Plan

On 23rd February the HCC ™ Charitable Trust launched its 2015 Development and Business Plan.

Copy of the Plan

The next AGM of the Trust is on: Monday 30th November, 2015 at 7.00pm.

Minutes of the Open Meeting on 23rd February are here!

Minutes of the last AGM are here!

Annual Accounts are here!