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The HCC™ Charitable Trust announces its new Development and Business Plan

On 23rd February the HCC ™ Charitable Trust launched its 2015 Development and Business Plan at an Open Meeting marking the start of its campaign to retain its tenancy of the the current premises.

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A PRESS STATEMENT has been issued by the Trust and can be read here...

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Our thanks to all who attended the Open Meeting at the Centre at the start of our campaign to continue our voluntary work their. Nothing has changed with regard to the Parish Council's decision to take over the running of the Centre. However John Knowles announced standing as an independent for the Parish Council on the campaign slogan "Trust in the Hellesdon Community Centre". As the campaign gets underway we need volunteers to help us distribute our own survey of Hellesdon residents views on who should run the Centre in the future. Meanwhile we are continuing with guidance from our legal and 'Community Matters' advisers. Please get in touch if you wish to join John by standing for the Parish Council, you will get our full support and advice.

The Community Centre business costs the Parish Council absolutely nothing. It is the income from the Centre that has kept the building up to scratch.

All of the income of the Centre is used to pay for the two part-time staff that run it, all furniture and fittings (which are all owned by the Centre Trust) and all repairs and improvements to the fabric of the building - an annual saving to the Council who are supposed to share the costs of repairs. The Trust has calculated that over the last 7 years it has spent over £54,000 on plumbing, electricals, flooring, roofing, ceilings, bar and kitchen refurbishment without any assistance from the Parish Council. The Trust has gone beyond being a good tenant and taken its non-profit making and charitable status seriously to the advantage of the Centre, its users and the Parish Council.

The next AGM of the Trust is on: Monday 30th November, 2015 at 7.00pm.

Minutes of the Open Meeting on 23rd February are here!

Minutes of the last AGM are here!

Annual Accounts are here!

Extracts from the Trust's presentation on its Development Plan.

Other items included a 5 day Café at the centre and an improved reception area and general decor.

Do you intend standing as an individual candidate for the Parish Council on the "Trust in the Hellesdon Community Centre" slogan on 7th May, 2015...'

All the relevant documents for Parish Council elections can be found here! If you would like some more information then come along on Monday 9th March at 7.30pm and we will point you to further publicly available information. Info Page

The £90,000 claimed by Parish Council Chairman Peter Balcombe as being spent on the centre is in fact the cost of caretaking of the Community Centre, the new Parish Offices, and the curtilage, as well as the security of the site. There are currently 4 caretakers who are employed and paid for by the Council.

The Trust says "The Centre has no control over this Parish Council spending, the numbers of caretakers employed or the management of the caretaking staff. We could have saved Hellesdon Council Tax payers £50,000 a year."

The Centre is a third of the size of a City primary school that will have just 1 caretaker and 2 or 3 part-time cleaning staff. Plans prepared by the Centre Trust could have halved the current caretaking costs of the Centre but a request to discuss this enormous saving has always been refused by the Parish Council.

For us the ability to work in partnership with others is the key to a successful community.

  1. The Trust is a non-profit-making charitable business that puts all of its income into the running of the Centre, equipment purchasing and maintenance of the building;
  2. The Trust owns all of the furniture and fittings of the Centre as part of its assets and pays for all the associated maintenance;
  3. All the Trustees are voluntary, unpaid and do not claim any expenses.

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