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Report from the Chair of the Trust

As I hope everyone is aware, the Trust exists to manage the current Centre on behalf of the people of Hellesdon in the form of a charitable trust. The history and traditions we have developed at the Centre are important but so is its future, as a resource, as national, local and community life develops and changes.

We are currently in something of a hiatus as the future of the current building is being decided. New opportunities for activity and investment are on hold until some certainty is established. We have talked to you, our members, the public who visit and take part in the activities here, local churches and those with an interest in community life.

All are agreed that what the community really wants should lie at the heart of any future development but it has to be set in the realistic context of what can be afforded, how best to secure future funding and partnership agreements that are in the best interests of the community. We have also been developing plans that could reduce its cost to council tax payers.

We are already aware that many local community points such as pubs and clubs are being lost and developed as retail outlets. A new Community Hub is also planned by Dacre Holdings on the old Mann Egerton site. So developing an understanding with both industrial and community groups is going to be important if we are not to duplicate services and resources.

Partnership seems to us to be the key.

The Trust is really not interested in the ownership of the Centre – that’s not what we are about. We are only interested in ensuring that the Centre’s future offers the maximum opportunity for local people to enrich their lives by meeting with each other, sharing in activities designed to improve their health and well-being and, put simply, adding fun and joy to their lives.

Whatever happens in the future of the Centre, the Parish Council and the HCC Trust have guaranteed that the rooms will still be available to the community for hire and use. The Trust will continue its work as the HCC Charitable Trust doing its utmost to provide, through its work, opportunity for community and business activity. Whatever else changes we are actively planning for the future.

Our new business plan is being finalised and will be available soon.

John Knowles
24th November, 2014

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Christmas Party at Hellesdon Community Centre!
(run by the Horticultural Association – Garden Club)
Monday 1 December 7.30-10.30pm
£9 a ticket includes buffet & entertainment
by ‘The Squeegees’
bring your own drinks & glasses
to book call Linda on 01603 405413
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